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We work either directly or indirectly for The Royal Society, Charlesworth Author Services, CUP, OUP, Pearson Education, and others. We have good experience of the demanding and challenging nature of freelancing for publishers.

What we can do

  • proofreading and copy-editing

  • developmental editing

  • technical editing

  • business editing

  • proofreading and editing of books (fiction and non-fiction), and technical or instructional manuals etc. 

  • work in soft (Word and PDF) or hard format

  • work blind or against copy, using BSI5261C:2005 as necessary.

Our experience

  • SfEP and CIEP trained

  • experienced with Word tracked changes and Adobe commenting tools. 

  • substantive editing and final proof-editing of novels.

  • editing PhD theses and scientific papers in a variety scientific fields. 

  • experienced users of LaTeX and Tex typesetting programs as well as the usual mainstream software.

Benefits we offer

  • excellent communication

  • professional and timely adherence to deadlines

  • excellent work ethic

  • strong background in science, engineering, and mathematics.

  • an accurate and fast turnaround service. 

Please contact us for further information.

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