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If proofreading is new to you, please take a few moments to read a little about how we'll get started. We have outlined below our standard method of working for proofreading (or copy-editing) novels, theses etc. The process is as follows:

  • We will ask you to provide some details of the material to be proofread, such as how many words, whether it’s a novel, a journal article, a thesis etc. We will also ask you some questions about the format of the material and how you will want us to show the edit (e.g., in Word markup, PDF commenting, formal British Standard (BSI5261C:2005), or simply good old-fashioned red-pen comments in the margin). ​

  • We will ask to see an example of the material that needs to be proofread, just a few sample pages, from which we will be able to get an idea of the work involved, for example: a final proofread or a more detailed edit. An idea of your deadline will be useful at this stage.

  • We will return your sample pages to demonstrate how the corrections and queries will look, together with a quotation price for the job.

  • If you wish us to carry out the edit for you we will send you a contract outlining our agreement, we will then ask you to send us your work so that we can begin the edit. It might be that we agree that edited sections are returned along the way.

  • We will return your edited document in a timely manner, in accordance with your deadline and our contract.

  • For large jobs like novels or theses we ask that half the fee be paid prior to commencement of the work, the remainder will be invoiced in the usual way on completion of the work.

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