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papers and dissertations

You have worked your socks off in order to get your Master's or PhD dissertation into shape. Nowadays, studying does not come without a heavy financial burden, and the long months – sometimes years – of working the clock round in order to produce a body of work by which all your hard efforts will be judged should be worthy of your investments in time and money.

In order to give yourself the best chance of success you need to be certain that, aside from the academic nature of your thesis, your work is free from grammatical error, and is clearly understood. 

We welcome working with postgraduate students for whom English is not a first language (see our ESL page).

What we can do for you

  • final-draft editing of Master's/PhD thesis

  • proofreading and editing of papers, conference submissions, and job applications

  • use Word tracked changes in order that you see each and every one of the modifications we make

  • use LaTeX or Tex typesetting if required

  • Offer reduced-rate editing for postgraduate students ... we've been there!

Please contact us for an informal discussion on how we might be able to help with any or more of these suggestions.

Our experience

  • Matthew has studied and worked closely with researchers and academics in Engineering and Science departments in many UK and European universities. 

  • We have edited PhD theses and scientific papers in a variety scientific fields. 

  • Matthew has over 25 years' experience as a fully-qualified professional engineer, during which time he has held senior positions in Formula 1 racing, and the aviation sector. He has an extremely strong (and up-to-date) understanding of Mathematics, Physics, Engineering (all major disciplines), Sciences, Computing etc., and has a strong academic background in Aeronautics and Fluid Mechanics.

  • Matthew has a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering, and has written and co-written papers, and presented at conference.

  • We are experienced users of LaTeX and Tex typesetting programs as well as the usual mainstream software.

Benefits we can provide

Matthew has a dual academic-industrial background which gives him a precise understanding of the importance of your situation; how monumental a step you are about to make, and of the make-or-break consequences of producing a document that will determine the next step in your career. A final-draft edit will give you the confidence that your work will be grammatically correct and consistent, that the arguments that you present are clear and well presented, and that your hard work will be showcased to the greatest effect. The more professional your thesis or dissertation, the easier your examiner(s) will be convinced of your aptitude and potential, leaving you free to confidently defend the academic arguments and claims you have worked so hard to assemble. You will always get an accurate and fast turnaround service. As members of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading we are bound by its established code of practice.

If you would like to work with dedicated editors who understand the nature and importance of your dissertation and its effect upon your future career, then please contact us today.

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